Faculty & Staff Lounge

Faculty & Staff Lounge at the 20th Anniversary Celebration of Light

Registration is now closed. For questions about registration or the event, please contact Nicole Gummow, events manager, at nicole.gummow@fulcrumfoundation.org.

Congratulations to the Catholic school teachers, staff, and administrators in the Archdiocese of Seattle! This year, the Fulcrum Foundation is presenting you with the 2022 Archbishop's Award at the Celebration of Light. This prestigious honor goes to people and organizations that have positively impacted our Catholic schools. We are proud to recognize the contributions of the educators and staff who worked tirelessly during the pandemic to keep students engaged in learning!

The Faculty & Staff Lounge is a private event for current archdiocesan administrators, teachers, and staff during the Celebration of Light. The Faculty & Staff Lounge, on the Club Level of T-Mobile Park, will feature a bar baseball bites, and a chance to celebrate your amazing accomplishments throughout this challenging year with your colleagues!