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Fulcrum Foundation
710 Ninth Avenue
Seattle, WA 98104


Note: We do not have reception available at our physical address. Please do not leave letters or packages there. Please use our mailing address.

The Fulcrum Foundation welcomes any questions or comments you might have.

For specific questions regarding our programs or events, or how you may become directly involved in growing our mission to help make excellent Catholic education more accessible, please contact our team at 206.219.5826 or


Strengthen and make Catholic education possible for more families by sharing your special gifts and strengths! Fulcrum’s small but efficient team values and respects each other’s talents. Individually and in collaboration we are movers, and together with our supporters, we make great things happen.

Each person on the Fulcrum team has a special contribution—but sharing a passion for improving and keeping Catholic education strong and accessible compels us and is the driving force that keeps us focused toward the same goal. For each, the purpose is clear. If you want to make a meaningful difference toward this mission surrounded by dedicated and motivated team members, we’d love to hear from you.