For the thousands of families applying for assistance from the Fulcrum Foundation each year, Catholic education is about more than choosing a good school in a safe environment. It's about the promise that their child will be imbued with the gifts of faith, compassion, sacrifice, hard work, and self-worth.

The overwhelming majority of  these families must overcome major obstacles just to apply for tuition assistance. More than 50 percent of applicants come from minority backgrounds. More than 30 percent come from single-parent homes, and most live near the poverty level. For many, English is not their primary language.

These families represent the best in all of us as they persevere through hardship,and they bring profound faith and hope to our schools,. They believe that with hard work and prayer, God will provide.

The Fulcrum Foundation would like to recognize the following schools that have opted-out of receiving tuition assistance funds for the 2014-2015 school year. Through their generosity, these schools have made it possible for many other schools with fewer financial resources to receive thousands more dollars in tuition assistance, benefitting families in need all throughout Western Washington.

  • Assumption-St. Bridget School, Seattle
  • Forest Ridge School of the Sacred Heart, Bellevue
  • Holy Family School, Kirkland
  • Sacred Heart School, Bellevue
  • Seattle Preparatory School
  • St. Anne School, Seattle
  • St. Joseph School, Seattle
  • St. Louise School, Bellevue
  • Villa Academy, Seattle


Named after Ted and Connie Hossfeld, who gave more than $10 million to Fulcrum’s Embracing Our Legacy Capital Campaign, this tuition assistance program has helped nearly 1400 students attend Catholic school this past year. And yet this represents only one-third of the total applications we receive each year. Our mission is to provide the means to all who wish to receive a Catholic education. We hope to reach our goal in the future with your help!

“You don’t have to be Catholic to recognize that Catholic schools provide the kind of education we need in this State. Although I am not Catholic myself, I have contributed to the Fulcrum Foundation’s campaign for Catholic schools because I believe that the future is now. Our children urgently need access to the gift of a Catholic education.”    - Ted Hossfeld

Learn more about Ted and Connie Hossfeld.


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The 'Fund A Student' program was created to increase our resources for tuition assistance. Through this initiative, we have request gifts in increments of $1,100 -- the amount of one tuition assistance grant.

Donors to the 'Fund A Student' program receive thank you letters written by Catholic school students who receive Fulcrum assistance, and gifts may be renewed annually.

In the inaugural year 2010, Fund A Student attracted more than 450 student sponsorships in just 14 months--an unquestionable success! 

Interested in sponsoring a child? We have many unfilled requests for help that are waiting for a guardian angel like you to come along! For information, contact Sue Mecham at (206)748-7987 or via e-mail at