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Your support of students and families in need is a sound investment in these difficult economic times. A gift of $1,100 will help one more child attend Catholic school in western Washington.

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Make a Difference

VIDEO:  Despite facing difficult challenges, many students have thrived in the life changing atmosphere of Catholic schools. Meet several students who have benefited from the love and dedication of their school communities, and the generosity of Fulcrum Foundation donors who helped make that experience possible. 

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About the Foundation

Fulcrum provides financial assistance to support Catholic schools in the Archdiocese of Seattle, primarily through tuition assistance to families in need, assistance to schools, and for educators' professional development and classroom initiatives.

Lend a Hand

Amici ("Friends" in Italian) is a group of active and altruistic young professionals dedicated to supporting the mission of the Fulcrum Foundation through volunteering, outreach and fundraising.
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