5.20.2010Cristo Rey Proving It Can Be Done

Imagine a system of private high schools that operate under these two mandates:
  1. Refuse to take any student unless they come from an economically disadvantaged family, preferably near the poverty line;
  2. Refuse to accept "academically gifted" students with a stated preference for those from the "middle of the pack" or lower.

Now check out this WSJ article/video to learn how these very same high schools can post unprecedented academic results, like one in Cleveland that not only graduates all its students but has a 100% acceptance rate for its graduates into college. I'm talking about the Cristo Rey Network of Catholic High Schools.

I had the pleasure two weeks ago of having lunch with several of the Cristo Rey Network leadership--Rev. John P. Foley, S.J., (Executive Chair), Robert J. Birdsell (President & CEO) and Christopher D. Broughton (Director of Post-Secondary Initiatives). They shared with me story after story of the incredible impact this model of education has had on thousands of students that would have most probably slipped through the educational cracks had they not been given the opportunity to attend a Cristo Rey School.

Kudos to these excellent folks and to the WSJ for telling the world about it.

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