Embracing Our Legacy LogoEmbracing Our Legacy, Endowing the Future of Catholic Schools is the name of the Fulcrum Foundation's historic capital campaign to secure the future of our Catholic schools.

The campaign began in 2004 with a goal of raising $40 million to benefit Catholic education. The campaign funded two endowments: One for tuition assistance for our neediest students ($25 million) and the other for assistance to schools in need ($10 million). In addition, another $5 million was raised for immediate assistance to children and schools until the endowments were fully funded over the next five years.

The campaign came to a successful end in December of 2008, raising more than $43 million to endow the future of our Catholic schools. We thank campaign chairs Mike and Mary Lee and our Board of Trustees for their tireless leadership in successfully completing the largest campaign ever in the Archdiocese of Seattle.



Mike and Mary Lee, Campaign Chairs: "By supporting Catholic education, you support a child's dream for lifelong success. For many of our students, the gift of Catholic school is a passport to hope. There is no measuring the worth of a human mind, the value of a purposeful life, the contribution of tomorrow's leaders."

$43 Million Raised for Catholic Schools!